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As We Walk Through This Enchanting Forest


The night crawls up slowly around you as you enter a forest with your companions. Some lights begin to awake in those giant trees with their blue glow. There is nothing dangerous here, nothing to harm you. A peaceful silence lives in this beautiful nature. You just feel appease as you walk through this enchanting forest.
That, my friends, is the emotion of this playlist...

Credit picture - Forest by Ishutani (DeviantArt)

10 tracks
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@annefour You're very welcome annefour! My novel is called Raven of Summer, and it's about a princess of a poor medieval kingdom who is kidnapped and eventually chooses to become part of a band of outlaws. I'm on NaNoWriMo as margarita noir :) Let me know if you're on the NaNo site as well- I'll add you as a buddy there! :D