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Selling is Service and Service is Kill Me


A list dedicated to the most relatable worker in all of Undertale.

A strange mix of songs about the JOYS of customer service, the emotional state of workers as a whole, and songs that play at work and make you want to shoot yourself in the foot. Don't worry, Burgerpants. We all hate it, too.

12 tracks
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I LOL'd. ... Please excuse me for being out-of-touch, but what's the thinking behind the inclusion of 7? I get track #5 for sure, but is track #7 another meme I just don't know about? Or is it just the line "living in a world of fools"? It led me to imagine BP practicing smooth talk and kissing on a purple pillow and a green pillow, which made me laugh, but I'm not sure if that was the intention.

@Mz.Mallow Glad I could give you a good LOL :P And "How Deep Is Your Love" is a song that plays at my job all the time and makes me go :))))))), same with that Keisha Cole song. And I can't say that was the intended image, but that's a pretty freaking funny one imho