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Beach, Bonfires & Beers


The best SUMMER 2012 mix ever!! Listen to this when you have friends over for BBQs, or float parties on the lake. I said I'd put up a special mix when I reached 700 followers, so here it is!

I would describe these 9 songs as feel-good, fun, upbeat and not overplayed. It's perfect, in my opinion! Featuring Wilderness Crew, Radical Something, E-Dubble and other fun stuff ;)

9 tracks
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I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with my fellow Austinian dvs_dav here and just make it clear that your mixes are akin to kismet, and by far the most consistently competent arrangements I personally have heard from in a while. As I say when I recommend your stuff, "Play this: annie-rae has cured tedium.

Unfortunately, there's too many twitter'd annie-rae's, and I didn't want to give them false credit, but I'd say with two more mixes your listeners are going to grow, as they say in advanced maths, "exponential as fuck."

LOL, you my friend, just made my day when I was having a really crappy one. I feel as though I am failing my listeners because I haven't put up any new mixes lately. But rest assured I am using the time to perfect the ones that I am currently putting together. Thanks for making the best of my day :)