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For The Cool Kids.


These summer hip hop songs all use samples from other songs you'll recognize... only these songs are a billion times BETTER! You can expect artists such as IOU, Chiddy Bang, and E-Dubble, sampling stuff from MGMT and other awesome bands.

You might not have heard these before, but they are perfect for the summer! I guarantee you will love these samples/covers/mashups, or whatever you want to call them :P All that matters is it's great music, and you will love it.

11 tracks
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Damn it girl, you mos def know whats up as far as your track selection!! My homies cant get enough of your mixes, and my lady friends are getting jealous ;) keep up the great work cause we love what you do down here in the lone star state!!

lolol i sooo know the feeling, all my friends ever want to to listen to dubstep or the grimey brostep, and its sooo nice to put on one of your mixes and not get a single complaint!! thanx for alleviating the dubstep madness and from preventing fisticuffs at the radio lololol...

Lmfao!! You're rad, and you're very welcome :) I am working on making more mixes but I haven't had much free time lately. Hopefully I'll have a few new ones soon!

pssshhh dont you start no rumors bout me bein rad lolol... and my level of awesomeness pales in comparison to yours hun ;)