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Nothing Can Compare <3


Underground Hip hop tracks with an "oldies" feel that are guaranteed to blow your mind! These songs are reserved for people who recognize REAL GOOD MUSIC. I dare you to give it a listen! Featuring Living Legends, The Good Husbands, Blue Scholars and lots more!

"Hip-hop is supposed to uplift and create, to educate people on a larger level and to make a change."
- Doug E. Fresh

15 tracks
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Living Legends has a lot of great songs! Definitely check them out ;) Also most of my recent playlists are underground hip hop as well, so make sure you check those out! You'll love "smile; things are looking up", and "inner reflection", AND "summertime music", AND "Mainstream yet underground hip hop"... ALL good, and will help point you to the right direction even more ;) Have fun!

Right on!!! This is great, just the kind of hiphop I like. I've been getting more and more into hip hop, but there is just so so much stuff out've really helped point me in a good direction. Thanks!!!

i'm loving this mix. thanks for giving me the heads up. i'm gonna have to check out some of your other mixes after hearing this. keep it up!