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Sleepy Sunday Afternoons (Part 2)


**EDITED to make it better ;)

This mix is perfect for the days where you want to be calm, quiet and just want to listen to beautifully soothing music. Whether you're hungover, sad, thoughtful or just plain tired, this mix is perfect!

Featuring artists such as Lucy Schwartz, Fleet Foxes, ALO, Freelance Whales, and more! So just lay down, put a cool cloth on your forehead, and let yourself relax ;)

17 tracks
5 comments on Sleepy Sunday Afternoons (Part 2)

Ahh this is fantastic. I can't relax because I have to keep checking back to see what band is playing so I can download them!

Here I will simplifiy it for you ;) ..and I'm glad you love it!

Satellite - Dave Matthews Band
Gone Away - Lucy Schwartz
Bloom - The Paper Kites
Broken Horses - Freelance Whales
Colourblind - The Art of Sleeping
Please Don't Leave Quite Yet - Adam Agin
The Days We Care About - Marble Sounds
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song - Fleet Foxes
More Than Words - Extreme
Sea Green See Blue - Jaymay
Shoot The Moon - Norah Jones
Scar - Lucy Rose
River (Acoustic Version) - Lights
Left & Leaving - The Weakerthans
Going To Paradise - Chris August
Green Eyes - Joe Brooks
Roses & Clover - ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)

LOL that is pretty perfect :P Unfortunately it won't let me download it.Thanks for the suggestion though! I definitely appreciate it :)