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Smile; Things Are Looking Up!


Maybe your day didn't start off right, but that doesn't mean you can't turn it around! Use this mix to turn your back on any negativity, suck it up and smile... after all, things could always be worse! Life isn't easy, but it's not all that bad ;)

Featuring Nappy Roots, J Cole, Mac Miller and other feel good songs!

Perfect for a long drive, soaking up the sun, sippin' on a beer, mending your broken heart, etc! Make sure you click "like" and follow me for new mixes all the time.

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10 tracks
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you know the day was pissy, and I was just RAARRRRR!!!! GROWLLLLLL! But then I listened to this, and it was like a straight up morphine shot to my soul!!! Great, you are a queen!!! All Hail Queen Annie-Rae, Now bow down bitches!!!!

i literally have listened to this over and over again.... i can always count on this playlist to cheer me up. thank you so much