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That "Fresh-Out-of-Class" Feeling


Picture this: You just finished your last class, you're walking out the door and get SO excited about summer starting.. Walking down the street with your friends and you can't help but feel great. This is that mix!

I put this up to celebrate reaching 1000 followers. Thank you for all the great comments! Hip hop is NOT dead, you just have to dig for it ;)

Featuring G-Eazy, Upper West, Common Market and more amazing artists... nothing makes me happier than this shit right here!

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I'm glad 8tracks doesn't keep track of the number of plays of each user or I'd be really embarassed. This must be my most played mix. Thank you so much for this selection. It's amazing!

Annie-rae, you might remember me from one of the comments on a few of your earlier mixes first pages, or from what I thought was SECRETLY and SILENTLY share-jocking you to everyone on the internets (but was in fact obvious to all eyes, though handsome the work), but regardless, its pretty crazy we were all bumping to this shit *trying* to wish for a future mix to get you like, 500 followers/favorites compared to now where the self-same has done blown up and haters have R-U-N-O-F-Ted.. Twelve Hundred favorites! Well, its deserved, but you seem to have slowed down the rate of production... just resting for more, or feeling played out?

Repek, alma incognito, et cetera,


this site really should have a list somewhere of the top mix makers, pretty damn sure your going to be on it, you are a prodigy, wow, where have your mixes been my life. They are like little mini soundtracks to moments of my life that I have forgotten. It has been a while since I had that fresh out of class title, even if you include the multiple years of college. But thanks for letting me remember earlier days. Great Job, really, you are to be commended!