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The 60s and 70s; The Ultimate Driving Tunes!

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Seriously chica im runnin out of compliments to give you. I think at this juncture in our musical voyage there arent any words that convey the magnificence of your playlists!! I'm never at a loss for words EVER, and yet here i sit SPEECHLESS!!! So, this is a double edged sword for me cause i derive a large amount of pride from my extensive vernacular and yet i cant summon the proper terminology to express the plethora of joy your playlist's bring. When i find the right woman to settle down with she better have as good a taste in music as you and if not you're gonna have to school her for me... :))

lol, too bad you're all the way in texas! But yeah, it frustrates me how many people have shitty taste in music, and they don't even know it! I try to spread the love any way I can ;)

two steps ahead of ya babe, already shared to fb!!! (and it makes me smile knowing you appreciate the effort i put forth to make you smile ;))