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soundtrack studies.


A compilation of 35 piano tracks from movie, anime, Asian drama and game soundtracks. (And an extra random one thrown in just for the lulz...) The perfect study mix including Hans Zimmer, Nobue Uematsu and Joe Hisaishi among others. Guaranteed to keep you alert and focused!

DISCLAIMER: I do not take credit for any songs or covers of songs featured in this playlist.

33 tracks
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Ahhhh! That was wonderful! It got me through most of my English essay and I took a few breaks just to listen to the soundtracks. :) I especially loved the last soundtrack, Pokemon Medley, I got chills just listening to it. <3 Thank you so much for making such a great playlist! :D

hey! love the playlist for my many study sessions. I would love to know where you got the cover photo- it's a beautiful design I would like to use

i fell in love with this mix!!! touching and beautiful, love Joe Hisaishi's work with Uematsu-san's brilliant masterpieces, this mix goes in my top favorites. Magnificent job!

I LOVE that you put in the final fantasy choones, nice. I am really hungover and in work, and this plus rainy mood is nursing me back to health. Cheers!