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Women I'm in love with


From sassy to soulful to beautifully haunting, this is a mix of some of my favorite songs by female vocalists.

Thirteen tracks including music by Adele, Camera Obscura, and Feist.

15 tracks
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Hm yeah I'm not really sure about what's going on there! This was the first version of Rolling in the Deep that I ever heard, so all the others sound wrong to me :)

Love it!
You have phenomenal taste, love your mixes!

It sounds like someone lowered the pitch to Rolling in the Deep and slowed it down, Adele's voice usually doesn't sound that low lol

I've been in love with female vocalists lately.
You should listen to Zooey Deschanel's cover of Hello, Dolly!

Honestly I didn't listen to hardly any female singers until pretty recently... then I started finding all these chicks who could really sing and I thought, maybe it's time to stop being so sexist. =]

They really are all great, the songs and vocalists that you chose for this playlist! it's going into my FAves..

I went through a phase of absolutely melting for female vocalists last year, and these are some of my tops. Great picks!