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My take on war


I recently enlisted into the army, a compulsory 2 year service for men aged 18 and above in our country. So I was thinking and I decided to make a mix about war and my take on it. I can only reply to comments on weekends, so be patient alright guys? (:

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I saw you posted a new mix... on war of all things. Hands Held High is one of my favorite songs of all time and appropriately expresses how I feel about the topic. Part of the song is actually going to be part of a new tattoo of mine... I don't understand why you enlisted if this is how you feel. Going for an anthropology degree, these things intrigue me.

Oh yes, you did say that didn't you. I'm not as up to date as I would like to be on world events or the waring status of other countries. Do you have any clue what your service will look like?

It's not really like war, it's just physical training I suppose for a couple of months, then you get posted to your vocations