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Twenty-four tracks including music by -K, BiYao161, and Kiyooko.

  • 紅唇 by Vanilla Mood
  • 无声的月亮 by xueliangyi
  • Kimi Boku = Love by Lovely Complex OP
  • Sakamichi no Apollon by Sakamichi no apollon
  • 07 - Theme of LOVE CON by Lovely Complex Br
  • Porco Rosso Ost. by Salisa Geske
  • 13 κrOnё by lickysensei
  • Suoh Mikoto by 「K」 Project Ost
  • Main Theme by Chihayafuru OST
  • 01. きみのキレイに氣づいておくれ by kylin
  • Radio Service by Star
  • Pokemon Theme Song 'Gotta Catch Em All' by Walt Ribeiro
  • 21 Lost my pieces by Life A-Beat01
  • 追想 by 大島ミチル
  • Soul eater ending 4 full by Széplaki Sakura Ágnes
  • Free Bird by 大谷幸
  • Fresh Air by Jeremy Zuckerman
17 tracks
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