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the Cosmonauts #1 V'Rukakh


The corresponding soundtrack to my series The Lost Souls. And a dedication to the lost Soviet Cosmonauts.

1. V'Rukakh
2. A mother's dream
3. the Great Ball
4. A Cosmonaut party in HQ
5. Launch prep
6. sailing through the air
7. Big brother, where are you?
8. final transmission (big brother's lullaby)
9. He's really gone..

  • Oy u hayu pry Dunayu ( Ukrainian Lullaby) by Mejdi Sulejmani
  • Kiss the rain + rain mood by taekumy
  • Dmitri Shostakovich's waltz No.2 by MohamedAbuGazia
  • 3 - Korobushka by Infusión de Mate
  • 06 Songs of Captivity and Freedom by Series 4
  • Ukrainian Lullaby Song by Ivo Iliev
  • Yiruma by Remember
  • Ukrainian Lullaby by Ukrainiečių Lopšinė
8 tracks
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