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Disney Genderbends


Don't worry, no pitch changes here.

A mix of different Disney songs covered by the opposite gender. These are all by fans from youtube. Proper username credit will be next to the song title. I give no credit to making any of these. Please be sure to type in the artist into YouTube and check out their videos and support them!

Let your imagination soar with some genderbend fun and enjoy! More will be added.


25 tracks
8 comments on Disney Genderbends

I was sold a few songs in! Hellfire covered by SweetPoffin/Elsie Lovelock is astounding! She has a wonderful voice, great expression and power!

I LOVE this! ^^ All the covers you chose are great~ I like the "Mother Knows Best", "When Will My Life Begin", and "Out There" covers best.

This is a really fun playlist. FYI, though, in case you didn't know, Howard Ashman's cover of Poor Unfortunate Souls is actually the original composer demo, by the lyricist. So not JUST a "fan from Youtube!" ;)