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Meruty Kemet / Beloved Egypt


Your heart belongs to the sands. Close your eyes, child of the Nile and relax in Auset/Isis arms. Walk through the temples and let Rā's light fill your heart with peace. Feel the warm night breeze on your face as it blows gently through the papyrus reeds, while the great scribes, Djehuty/Thoth records the history of mankind. Run your hand along the water edge of the cool pool filled with blue lotuses where Nefertum comes forth from the primordial waters. Worship among the stars as Nut embraces you with her starry body. Dance with Hut-Hor/Hathor in her temple dedicated to love, beauty, joy. Take Anpu/Anubis's hand in the Duat, see if your soul proves to weigh lighter against Ma'āt feather of truth. Come beloved children of Kemet/ Egypt and dream of the sands of time once again.

33 tracks