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train station

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oh lol i actually dont even have any idea for the mix's title but hey look at mochizou im crying i have to watch tamako love story now but quite busy so...

  • きみにとどけ by Eisa Shi
  • Karakuri Pierrot by Nano
  • 心臓デモクラシー (Heart Democracy)【srip】 by kozume
  • 麻枝 准×やなぎなぎ「Last Smile」 by Tamaki Neko Chan
  • *tear* 歌ってみた by rikurikuri
  • black★rock shooter by Miku Hatsune
  • 宇多田ヒカル (Quiet Version) by SAKURA NAGASHI 桜流し
  • 夕立のりぼん feat.ef by 程序员P(小PP)
  • SUMMER PARADISE feat. Taka from ONE OK ROCK by Simple Plan
  • 01. バイバイ by utattemita
  • マリーの架空世界 by じん
  • Suya/Limit by Hikenai Guitar Wo Katate Ni
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