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Fandoms for Studying

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No lyrics fandom music, perfect for acing those finals.

  • Star Wars Theme by A R C V D I A
  • Harry Potter Theme Song (Hedwig's Theme) by John Williams
  • Lord of the Rings Theme by dzikigon
  • Supernatural Theme by ShapeShifter
  • Doctor Who Theme (Album Version) by Murray Gold
  • Once Upon a Time Theme by Daniel S Zempoaltecatl
  • ACT I The Ballad of Floyd Collins by Adam Guettel
7 tracks
5 comments on Fandoms for Studying

im leaving in 5 days to start basic combat training and ive been putting off doing a lot things and now i feel like i dont have time to do anything anymore and im freaking out a lot and this mix is helping me calm down a lot so thanks so much for this