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hI.My nAmE Is Ever MOisés but call me AnxO too..AnYwAy,I aM sTyLiSh & fAsHiOn vIcTiM (eTcI GiA N gUcTaRw).I lIvE In n.Lima aT Peru.I LoVe :
? BeInG WiTh mY WiFe[?..AltHougH Not haVeiNE ..=)
? GoInG OuT WiTh My FrIeNds
? PlAyInG e-GuItAr oN My bAnD -yeah-
? ShOppInG
? My PiErCiNgS
? EaTiNg IcE cReAm
? DoInG GrAffItIeS
? MaKiNg My hEaR
? My GuItAr
? To bE LoVeD
I HaTe :
? ThOsE WhO BuLLy oThErS BeCaUsE Of tHe DiFFeReNcE Of tHeIr sTyLe (>()
? FaKeS
? LiArS
? CoPy/pAsTe
? NoT hAvInG mOnEy iN My pOcKeT
? pOzErS
My lIfE iS FuLL oF SuRpRiZeS AnD I lIkE It..eVeRy mOmEnT GiVeS Me a ChAnCe tO ExPrEsS MySeLf aNd bE BeTTeR..wHaTeVeR U tHiNk aBoUt mE ,DoEsn'T CaRe Me.i'M NoT a sNoB.I lIkE To bE HoNeSt..ThAnKs fOr uR TiMe"