Is this playlist safe for work?


sorry (but not rlly) this is mostly taako and gay shit (and now lup!!)
(will be updated with new episodes)
updated thru episode 67 and a few changes made
(this is getting so long wtf)

57 tracks
6 comments on THE BROADWAY ZONE

Oh my god this is great!! I usually go for playlists ABOUT musicals rather that playlists made up of showtunes but this is FANTASTIC (I especially love I Want It All and the song from the Pokemon musical, which I'd forgotten was a thing until I heard this)

I really love this, hot damn! But uh, you seem to have some songs from something else snuck in here? Songs for the Avengers and with "steve trying to get bucky to remember" (I got really confused at that one like, who does steven the fish know named bucky)

@kasbunny shit thank u for telling me!! i have other playlists and i guess the captions carried opver for some reason??? ill try to fix it lol. thanks for the heads up!

Wonderful, wonderful song choices! So much thought went into this. I loved all the song choices for Taako, particularly "Making Good", and "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend", and I maaaaay have teared up during some of the Hurley/Sloan and Carey/Killian ones

When I first opened up this mix I had my doubts but WOW. Every song is perfect? I have no idea how you did it but they all match your captions perfectly. My favs have got to be Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat, Too Late To Turn Back Now, and Don't Break the Rules,