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Waiting Room


The waiting room: purgatory or a little slice of heaven? For many the waiting room can best be described as a sparse, wood-paneled, magazine-papered holding cell adorned with vinyl chairs and the occasional pot plant. But for others the blissful music that often accompanies that eternal wait is one of the greatest guilty pleasures that exists on earth. This collection of essential hits from the waiting room takes you on a musical journey through life's seemingly endless holding patterns.

100 tracks
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@adz.only Yes, it is 100 tracks. I checked in with 8Tracks technical support and they told me that this problem can occur for users from certain countries outside the U.S. I am told that this is a known issue with certain record labels which pertains to copyrights outside the U.S. Supposedly they are working on this problem.

Wow...I think you managed to nail it. Some of the tunes reminded of sitting at the dentist's office waiting for a root canal. I have to keep telling myself its not the music's fault!

Thanks! My childhood trips to the dentist are the inspiration for this mix. There is definitely a certain degree of anxiety that is associated with some of these songs.