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Samsara- The Buddhist Wheel Of Life


Intro- Bad Human Life-NotoriousB.I.G.
1) Naraka Realm (Hell)-Oxbow
2) Preta Realm (Realm Of Unfulfilled Desire)-RedHotChiliPeppers
3) Animal Realm (Animalistic Realm Of Ignorance)-NineInchNails
4) Asura Realm (Realm Of Jealousy; Inhabitants Have A Pleasurable Existence But Always Want More)-PorcupineTree
5) Human Realm (Character Has Learnt Lessons, And Moves Towards Enlightenment)-Dredg
6) Deva Realm (Blissful State)-AnimalCollective
Outro- Enlightenment-AliceColtrane

8 tracks
7 comments on Samsara- The Buddhist Wheel Of Life

brilliant idea for a mix! great use of nine inch nails too. however, as a side note, technically the human realm falls between the animal realm and the asura realm.

8tracks wouldn't let me give a full description but it's basically a concept mix about a person following the Buddhist view of life and death (The Wheel of Life and it's realms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_realms)