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dépaysement, side:a.


i. they had never been afraid of the
dark. shadows were their childhood
friends and ghosts, their caretakers.
they had never feared the dark for
how could they fear the only thing
that they had ever known.

ii. fate was cruel and they had known
it all along. no longer had they known
their mother, had she been taken
away. mother, mother, they have so
many questions. please, gods. don't
take her away! they learn what light is.

iii. fate is a wicked thing. to make them
decide which it is that they want more.
light or dark. light or dark. light or dark.
they wonder why it is poets always
write of light as holy, as divine. in it,
they come to understand but one
thing. light has no place with someone
who has only ever desired darkness.

there is no rest for the wicked.

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