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no one's ever gonna love you like i do


he's holding a gun, he's holding your heart. oh, but you never learned to say it, never learned to speak the language of his hands - desperately you are holding the words under your tongue, the space behind your ribs, but you'd rather drown, rather pull the trigger than face him, rather die wondering: how did you miss this? how could you ever have missed it?

tumblr: http://wntrs.tumblr.com/post/72274452064/no-ones-ever-gonna-love-you-like-i-do-x-a-mix

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i've listened to this playlist non-stop for the past two weeks...literally every time i read any angsty johnlock, i rely on this playlist to get the tears going. thank you so much for this playlist, it is truly beautiful.

oh god i really am genuinely in love with this, every song after another brings me in a state of poignancy and bliss at the same time, just excellent