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EARTHBORN ("The city on Earth where I grew up was hard and dirty. I can see it as a warzone.")

An all-female mix for the sinister kid prowling a blackened city with the Tenth Street Reds, the righteous criminal with bloodied fists and good intentions. For Shepard, the orphan with her back to the wall and her eyes on the sky. A woman on the precipice of destruction, and salvation.

Tracklist @ Tumblr: http://amoktimes.tumblr.com/post/87937985340

8 tracks
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Anyone else having problems with Ballad of a Politician? It hasn't played right the past fee times for me. Its like someone's fast forwarding through the song.

VALERIE! this has become my all-the-time mix, i love it so much. my favs are probs zero, disparate youth, green mile, wolf, rootless and laughing with a mouth full of blood, but i love legit every track. every lyric of zero is a soul punch for earthborn shep, and i already loved disparate youth as a song but applying it to shep--'Their legacy's too hard to take' u g h. the deconstructed version of blow is so haunting omg and i love the vibe of resentment to this? one of the things i dislike abt straight paragon, even if its way superior to straight renegade, is the lack of resentment and how she's always quick to assuage complaints--i like to think about shep being bitter and locking up that bitterness so she can fight clear-headed, but not running from her past so much as trying to view it with distance, but aware she's fully accepting now the system she wasn't into before. which is why i love green mile so much, 'Guess we see how that plays out/Is it true? Is it true?'. wolf hits me so much ughhh shep's vulnerabilities and weaknesses don't get enough showcasing i mean. they shouldn't bc she's shep but i treasure hearing that fierce determination wrapped up in guilt and stress. shep putting other ppl before herself after a lifetime of existing as an orphan is!!! so much and i rly like the lara marling song for that. and i love the last three for the way they touch upon shepard's strained relationship w the people of her past, i'd imagine she feels angry and wronged like in that me1 sidequest, but also guilty and as tho she'd abandoned, 'see i trade in my plot of land/for a plane to anywhere'

ANYWAY THIS MIX MADE ME FEEL A LOT things id never felt before even! thank u a lot for making it. <3

@descerises ALICE!!!! omg thank you for this comment. i always wonder if anyone thinks about the order of songs or lyrics as much as i do when i’m putting mixes together (fun fact: it usually takes 0.003 seconds to put a mix together since i usually have the songs rolling around in my head anyway, it’s just about putting them together. it’s the goddamn order and interpretation that i spent weeks angsting over ANYWAY) so it’s always rewarding to get such great, detailed commentary

Y E S. there’s bitterness and resentment tied up in her department from the reds, but yeah, guilt for abandoning the streets and ultimately the people on them she tried so hard to protect. although she realized all of her good intentions and greater good rationalizations meant nothing, leaving didn’t change either. all of that violence, the drugs, petty gang wars and civilian causalities still existed. just more people she couldn’t save. ugh UGHHH. everything is literally everything.