Is this playlist safe for work?


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@Apple-Strider oh you have a really nice attitude ! its not something i expected but it makes me really happy ! haha sorry if i was rough, i just care a lot about my fav artists

@Apple-Strider this means literally nothing??? what the point of knowing the source and not posting it? you are not taking credit for the work but you ARE taking away the credit from the artist. ! its your responsibility to ask for the artist permission and write the source. its not all about :UH i will credit when someone asks' bc sometime people like me wont happen and the artist arent looking through 8tracks for ours to check if someone is using their works. this is EXTREmally disrespectful for people that put so much hard work into their works. its not mean, its rude and disrespectful. btw if you asked for permission you would know that (from what i know, she may have changed her mind since i was up to date with her posts) frenchfrycoolguy is actually very uncomfortable with people using her works on 8tracks and doesnt approve of that. pls respect the artists or else they will stop posting out of fear

@glithch i understand, and have emailed the artist. i'm looking for a different cover art right now and i plan on going through as i find time and changing the tags to include the urls of the artists. im not always online nor does my phone alert me of emails when i get comments so it does take me a while to reply to comments.

@glithch all credit does go to them! my profile description says that if anyone wants an art source to just let me know. i like the playlist description with just the little quote, so whenever someone asks for a source i give it to them!! i in no way intend to take credit for another artists work. the only mixes with cover pictures that do belong to me (or my girlfriend) are i'm a fusion a I Like You, I Love You. i hope this reply doesnt seem mean omg..