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i miss her


ι'м тнє σηℓу σηє ωнσ ¢αη нαη∂ℓє уσυя кιη∂ σƒ ρσωєя!




this playlist reflects how lapis and jasper feel about each other from the episode alone at sea, with lapis' fear of herself and admitance that she liked hurting jasper and jasper's developed dependency on lapis/malachite and her desire to fuse again. read the annotations of each song to find out which characters pov its meant to portray!

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9 tracks
5 comments on i miss her

This has got to be one of my favorite mixes, hands down. The songs fit so well together, and the whole thing honestly gives you the feeling of drowning. Great job!!

ahhh i have to say this mix is simply wonderful. you got across each of their respective emotions so perfectly with the lyrics and tone (using some of my favorite artists even) and the cover art is gorgeous too. i love it.

@dreamsandpocky yo im so happy to hear that you like it!! im glad that so far i havent had anyone tearing this down tbh i know the fans have a huge problem with lasper ;^; but im suuuper happy that you get it!! thank you!!