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Irresponsible Kisses (Attiland Hits Vol. 81)


Songs I listened to on incessant repeat during July, August, September, and October 2016. Presented in chronological order of the time of their popularity with yours truly.

- Like the 4th time in the past 2 years I've put that Girlfriend of the Year mix on heavy rotation, plus other quality PC Music affiliates, as usual
- Extremely guilty pleasures from a variety of artists (most guiltily, Krewella)
- Lots of film soundtracks for some reason
- Angry breakup music
- Feel good breakup music
- I found out about Trippple Nippples this season, and if you aren't already a fan, I urge you to find the rest of their music a.s.a.p.
- A track from Shugo Tokumaru's "In Focus?" which you should definitely listen to the rest of; such a solid album
- A healthy dose of K-pop girl groups

46 tracks
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