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100 songs dedicated to you.


i told a friend that i would take a bullet for him.
she asked why.
i couldn't put it into words. i couldn't say how he was too beautiful to have a hole in him or how in my darkest moments, his smile would light a path and guide me home.
so instead of telling her the story of my life, i just simply responded with, "because he's already taken a thousand for me."

sorry for any flaws. x

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@smokesstyles ofc! all you have to do, well what i do, is i download the music from youtube by using the youtube to mp3 converter and you just go to where it says create playlist and you add all the music files to the playlist by hitting where it says upload tracks. you'll have to write a description plus tags and all, but that's simple. and you can't have more than two artist for the same playlist, but if i do, i usually just put the artists' name where the song title would go. if you have anymore questions, you can kik me at mckennakitchens ! thanks for listening and i'm sorry if that didn't help!