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songs for a friend


these are the bands I listened to most through spring-summer, idk what to do with myself when the sun is shining too bright dhfhgfhj

now that the black metal season has officially started tho, I'll make you a heavier mix later

have fun! (as much fun as you can with these songs sorry)

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i can't seem to be able to use the enter button so im sorry it's like im spamming lmao. but i'd also like to talk about this: I NEEDED TO LSITEN TO DRENGE SOONER. you were right. i Loved them. ok this is the end. tysm. ily

WAIT I DIDNT MEAN TO SEND IT IMMEDIATELY wtf so wow friend i love this!!! thing is some of this is exactly what i imagine you'd be listening to, so i had this vision of you high in some apartment in france :'D