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I don't have a care in the world.


A mix for reading, studying, or just lounging in bed with a cup of coffee and a carefree day ahead

  • Paris Match by paris match
  • Jonathan Castro, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald by Dream A Little Dream
  • Jamie Cullum & Eliza Doolittle by Baby It's Cold Outside
  • 雨降る夜の向こう by Lamp
  • J'ai deux amours by Joséphine Baker
  • Dancing With Myself by Nouvelle Vague
  • Winterplay _ Who are You (ver. Bossa Nova) by TK Lee_2
  • Nouvelle Vague ( Ft Julie Delpy ) by Lalala
  • A Waltz for a Night by Julie Delpy
  • Blue Skies by Josephine Baker
  • Gypsy Girl (집시걸) by Winterplay
  • Bossanovando by Paris Match- Damills
12 tracks