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The Place We Call Home

4 comments on The Place We Call Home

@arazyo ahhh I'm really excited to see more from you! I think I've totally fallen in love with Sleeping at Last thanks to you. I might have to make some kazubisha mixes too now!

@duchessa I'M SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT! sleeping at last is wonderful, saturn would have to be one of my favourite songs by them, definitely rec!! now you've got me excited, i'd love to see possible mixes from you too in the future (?)

@arazyo After I heard your mix I was looking through Sleeping at Last's albums and I already added Saturn to my playlist, haha! And I was going to post a mix - I made a cover and everything and sorted out the songs - but unfortunately I use Apple Music and don't own a lot of the ones I wanted to include, arghh. :-(

@duchessa aw man thats a bummer :( it'd be great if only there was another way rather than directly uploading... like if 8tracks had a library or something D:

All of these songs really suit them! Thank you for introducing me to some great songs and artists and for the Kazubisha feels!

@duchessa oh my gosh you're welcome!! i'm so happy and honored you liked it, i've definitely got more of these kazubisha mixes on the way! ;v;