Arcade Gannon
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hopeless trek across a desert area

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you know what they say about those glistening white sands, and those cool deserts nights. they'll eat you alive

  • The Legend Of Zelda- Twilight Princess by Gerudo Desert
  • Fable 3 OST by Desert
  • Heretic 2 v1 by Lustmord
  • Fallout 1 OST by Desert Wind
  • OFF by Ost
  • The Oasis ( ethnic, ambient ) by Jeaniro
  • Act II by Diablo 2
  • Unfulfilled Hope by AION
  • Grigori (Extract) by Lustmord
  • Crystal Oasis (Guild Wars) by Game_Soundtracks
  • Windswept Desert by Ambient Music
11 tracks
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