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ISTJ: The Musical


And my series of MBTI musical mixes concludes with the ISTJ: often much-maligned due to the media tendency to stereotype them as authoritarian buzzkills, ISTJs are not like that at all (okay, maybe a little). In reality, they're just logical, hardworking people with a love of facts, familiar/classic things and being useful to others. However, their dedication, their love of being useful and their stabilizing influence on others can be their undoing for as others learn to rely on them, who keeps them grounded when they themselves slip up? Thankfully, one of the things they apply their grit and can-do attitude to is making sure that doesn't happen.

25 tracks
2 comments on ISTJ: The Musical

So, I clicked on this out of curiosity, wondering what songs matched my type. "Stars" came on, and let's just say I realized why Javert is one of my dream roles. :)

thank you for this m really glad you saw past the stereotype and gave us this lovely thing and thank you for your efforts, they are very much appreciated :)