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Taurus: The Musical


You're a Taurus if you
follow the traditional zodiac and were born between April 20 and May 21

or follow the 13-sign interpretation and were born between May 13 and June 21

I like to think of Tauruses as the "moms" of the zodiac; as independent as their Arian neighbors, stubborn as a mule and yes, even a bit strict at times but also know how to kick back and have fun for they are lovers of luxury, beauty and high quality. Also, you could never ask for a better person to have in your corner in a crisis.

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i'm not sure how you always manage to hit the mark with your playlists, but jeremy jordan's version of the schmuel song is currently my favorite thing in the entire world, so props to you!

@delenn.sandy Because, for another one of my projects, I needed a version that sounded like a girl was singing it and I couldn't find an actual female cover with good enough audio to unleash on the ears of the world so I figured the key-changed version was close enough. Once I had that version, I figured, why do I need two different versions so I just used that.