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The Rebel Knight


This mix is basically a combo of overflow that didn't make it onto my first Ezekiel Jones fanmix along with a couple of tracks musically representing some of my headcanons of where he might be heading in S2 (that's why some might not seem to fit him at first glance).

The title of this mix I actually owe to my sister. She watched Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time a few weeks ago and compared the main trio to the LITs; Jake as Han, Cassandra as Leia and Ezekiel as Luke Skywalker.

The title just kind of naturally flowed off of that and the picture (from the AzaleasDolls Fairytale Scene Maker) just kind of flowed off the title. Fairytale!Ezekiel's sword is light blue as another allusion to the Luke Skywalker thing.

13 tracks
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