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over the hill


relaxing video game instrumentals to help you focus.

this list will be constantly updated as i find new stuff; if you have any recommendations, let me know!


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I like to listen to music while I'm doing homework, but I have to say that this is the best (and my favorite) playlist to listen to while working because it's so calming. It's also one of the few playlists where I will listen to it over and over again because no matter how many times I've listened to the same songs, it always sounds so beautiful. Thank you for making it! ^-^

This is such a nice mix!! And I can't even describe the joy it brought me to hear the Donkey Kong songs - I suddenly have a burning need to play those games again...

I love this playlist, videogame soundtracks are the best to listen to while trying to concentrate since they are usually calm and without lyrics.

i think what i love the most about this is that not only does it helps with studying, but it also feels like background music in a movie that is my life