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Odds Are We're Gonna Be Alright For Another Night


a very personal playlist of songs that pick me up when im down that ive decided to share with you. some of the songs are mindlessly happy, some have an almost bittersweet side and simultaneously make me smile and cry. i just hope they can help some of you the way they've helped me

(sorry its so long. i actually edited the hell out of it to make it shorter)


36 tracks
1 comment on Odds Are We're Gonna Be Alright For Another Night

OKAY THIS MIX IS PERFECT. SERIOUSLY. like you had eurovision songs? pretty much the happy half of my favourite bands? a bunch of cool songs i hadn't heard? some of my old favourite songs from when i was tiny (ie. suddenly i see!!! how far we've come??!!) and to top it all off MR BLUE SKY BY ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT BE MY SECRET FAVOURITE SONG I CAN'T EVEN??? how do i like this mix multiple times like seriously

im SUPER glad you like it!! this mix has helped me through a lot and to know that other people listen and enjoy it means an awful lot to me! im honestly so happy that you like it and i almost cried when i saw this comment. thank you for listening and thank you for enjoying it!