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standing in the afterglow of rapture

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@shsldespair thank you ! hinata's character arc is super important to me and at the point i made this mix there weren't a lot of pre-despair hinata mixes, so i wanted to give it a go ! i'm glad it hasn't lost it's touch over time !

@megidolaon oh gosh, it hasn't lost its touch at all. actually i'm working on a despair-era peko mix right now and i loved this one (and it's overall tone) so much that i set it to be the mix that plays after. ^^

@megidolaon i put off publishing it bc i kept hoping i would find a couple more songs but im at the point where i just need to put it out there. hope you like it!

it's great how much depth this mix has in terms of Hinata's character, a LOT of his story goes overlooked in other mixes but you really really did an amazing and spot on job, I was so happy to find a mix like this... Thank you so much for making it, you are amazing!!!!

@hidaws aww thank you so much! i'm glad you think so! hinata , especially pre-despair/pre-kamukura hinata, is incredibly important to me, and i wanted this mix to be able to capture as much of him as i could! i'm glad that you felt i did!

"i'm not going back/ to the assholes that made me a perfect display/ of random acts of hopelessness" christ, everything in this mix is agony

@everworld2662 i absolutely loved making this mix, but god did it kill me. that particular line was one of my favourites and i'm glad you could pick up on it and connect with it the same way i did !

@AutisticMink aaaah sorry for replying so late but im glad you enjoyed it!! i worked super hard on it (and even cried a little while putting it together) so im glad that others could share the feelings i myself had while creating it!!

I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS, I LOVE ADDRESSING ISSUES WITH JIN KIRIGIRI AND IT GENUINELY OVERWHELMED ME SO MUCH I HAD TO PAUSE AND CRY MULTIPLE TIMES FROM THE FIRST SONG ONWARD, this approaches so much about hinata that means so much to me and i love it so much and i'm so so so glad you made this oh my gosh i'm so so so so so so thankful.

@Chessterfield oh gosh!! i woke up to this comment and honestly ive been thinking about it all day and smiling!! thank you so much!! hinata hajime means an incredible amount to me and i get very nervous posting mixes about him in case people dont agree with the way ive interpreted his character, so this comment has honestly delighted me. i share your feelings and im so glad you listened to and enjoyed this mix. honestly i cried a lot while putting it together, aand im glad it could have a similar effect on someone who cares this much about hinata as well!! your comment honestly made my day. thank you very much!