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hah, i found your mix trying to use write the same tag for a mix of my own. loved this mix- galia lives and kicks all the ass and is brilliant besides and she an uhura explore the galaxy and no one can tell me otherwise- its star trek! ^^;;

i am actually trying to write a fic in which galia and her all girl crew take down a huge smuggler ring and i made this playlist partly for inspiration (by the way, was your tag "jj abrams and his fucking misogyny")

Wow I am glad this mix exists :D
this clearly had to be done!
A lot of kittens and flowers for you <3 (I hope you are not allergic ^^;)

omg thank you i am not allergic to flowers or kittens (thank god!) but you are so sweet! yes i do hope more people realize galia's awesomeness, especially [hisses] the dreaded jar jar abrams