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i work the late shift at an ice cream shop and i don't leave until it's dark, almost ten o'clock, but when i do i get on my bike and put in my earphones and ride through the mystery of suburban night, follow hazy streetlights, avoid cracks in the sidewalk, and everything is a little mystical when the sun has gone down and the lawns are all the same in rows upon rows, and you can't be sure if the fuzzy shape in front of you is a person or a tree, but you swerve anyway, and keep on going, the smooth pavement under your tires whispering away. and i ride and ride.

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Oh man do I know this feeling really really well, being a child of the suburbs. I actually can picture an ice-cream shop nearby where I used to live and can picture a bike route back to the house I grew up while listening to this mix. Very nostalgic, haha. Anyway, great mix, it really does evoke that specific feeling. :)

I adore your mixes, and this one is no exception; I've been listening to it for my night jog. It sets the perfect atmosphere.

@Anheimfallen Oh my god you're too kind!! I love night jogging, too, except I have bad ankles and tend to trip over everything. But, enjoy!! Thank you so much!!!