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"I made you, Shepard! I brought you back from the dead!"
"And I'm going to do what you brought me back to do. I'll fight and win this war without compromising the soul of our species."

A fanmix for my paragon femshep, Johanna Shepard.

13 tracks
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I love this mix a lot, well done. I tend to sway always towards Paragon so this mix is epic! Love it a ton. By the way, I approve of the Garrus Romance choice you gave thatgent. Garrus Vakarian all the way: he's the best badass turian who has the dorkiest way of expressing his romantic feelings. It is pretty amazing.

Anyways, wonderful mix; thank-you for making this!

thank you, that means a lot!!! and hell ye garrusmancers i feel like everyone should romance him at least once but maybe im just biased

anyway i can basically never play renegade b/c im like "nooo i want to be your friEND"

You are quite welcome. I agree, though now that my Shepard has romanced him - he is probably my favorite one to romance in ME. I'm pretty biased myself so...

I am the same way, honestly. I tried to do Renegade once but just couldn't stand half the responses. So I deleted that one and started over, hahah. I guess my definition of badass does not include being a jerk to your friends and comrades.

its almost midnight where i am and i just got out of bed and on my laptop to tell u tO ROMANCE GARRUS VAKARIAN YOU WON'T REGRET IT HE IS AN UTTER DORK BUT IT'S VERY CUTE AND SWEET AND SAD

ugh this is my fave mix on this site. i'm gonna name my paragon shep after you since you inspired me to create it. brooke shepard.

SCREECHING IN DELIGHT really really??!?!? (tbh i always play as almost full paragon because i'm too nice to be mean to people but renegade shep is really fun as well omg)