Ariadne Dai
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The Book of Changes VIII: Lapis Lazuli/Heaven


Having cleansed their world and ascended to the Afterlife, our Heroes join the gods in confronting Evil Itself. Gods and demons fling galaxies overhead as we fight the Final Battle for Eternity.

The Book of Changes tells the story of a group of heroes in a fantastical world, fighting the forces of darkness. Each album tells a part, based on a particular trigram of the I Ching. Together, the eight albums make up a larger tale about the heroes and their world, progressing in linear fashion from Sapphire to Lapis Lazuli. The listener gets to decide the meaning of each moment in the story based on mood, imagery, title, original context, lyrics, or anything else that fits.

This mix owes a debt to, source of many free VGM arrangements. Please visit them for more!

About 80 minutes.

21 tracks
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