Ariadne Dai
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The Circle of Tales X: The Assassin's Tale


An ASSASSIN, estranged sibling of an ARCHER, is sent to kill a rebellious SENATOR, but becomes conflicted about slaying this charismatic figure and struggles to tell the darkness from the light.

The Circle of Tales tells twelve connected stories set in a fantastical world. Each album tells the story of a character based on one of the signs of the western zodiac. Each character’s story intersects with the stories before and after them in the zodiac, creating a full circle of overlapping tales. The listener gets to interpret the character at each moment in the story based on mood, imagery, title, original context, lyrics, or anything else that fits.

This mix owes a debt to, source of many free VGM arrangements. Please visit them for more!

About 80 minutes.

16 tracks
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