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Lady Ashara Dayne;


Ashara; the beautiful handmaiden doomed to be men's desire and not herself .Proud of her house, of her brilliant brother and of her position; She bows for no lesser people and she shouldn't.
Her cold violet eyes freezing every men who wants her and every women who whishes to be her; her hot Dornish blood making her move in a sinner's song; and she's not a victim of seduction, but seduction herself. Actual 'i'm-not-your-fucking-pixie-girl' Ashara Dayne

8 tracks
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This is a great playlist!! Just thought I'd let you know the 2nd song in the playlist is titled as Glory and Gore by Lorde but it is actually Still Sane by Lorde.

@lareinenoire thank you so much. It's so nice to see that someone share my view on Ashara. She's one of my favorite characters, fingers crossed to see more her.

@arianefaria It's how I write her in fanfic, for what that's worth, though I don't know how much we're likely to see in canon. Fingers crosse, indeed!