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Melbourne's got groove !


Some veterans and newcomers from Melbourne, Australia that GROOVE.

From top fame to local underground , these groups demonstrate all the qualiity and versatilty of Melbourne's musical scene. Definitely a place to go if you appreciate live music, with plenty of venues, 10-musician bands playing funk-metal fusion on every corner, tight brass sections, overgifted kids ...

Before insult letters, one band is actually not from Melbourne.

Enjoy and more sounds on

  • White Collar Love by AnimauxMusic
  • Prophets in the Sky by The Cat Empire
  • A Product You Designed by Sex on Toast
  • Solitude Is Bliss by Tame Impala
    OK, these guys are from Perth but that's only... 3000ks from Melbourne.
  • No Reason by Dylan Joel
  • Your Love by Saskwatch
  • Tyranny Of Dissonance by A Lonely Crowd
  • Blind & Lonely by Clancye Snow
  • Purple Tusks by Kitchen Song
  • Become the Night by Vaudeville Smash
  • Cactus by Playwrite
  • Questions And Exclamation Marks by AnimauxMusic
12 tracks
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