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//murder me, ruin me


Hux has never felt this heavy. She wants to kick this miserable, pathetic woman while she’s down, deride her for this outburst, but something has broken inside her today. Something pure and diamond-like, but never very hard to begin with. She nestles her cheek into Ren’s tangled mess of hair, which smells of apples, and laughs mirthlessly.

“What a pair we are,” she says. “You loved your father and you killed him. I hated mine and I made him proud.”

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this is amazing and I'm super in love with the idea of fem!kylo and hux being badass space conquerors together, would you mind terribly if I wrote a fic about it and gave this playlist an honorable mention? xx

@morelikewintersmolder oh my gosh i'm so glad you liked it! i would be honored to be honorably mentioned! :) be sure to drop me a link - i'm arkvdy on tumblr too.