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Caught In The Downpour

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Amazing playlist. Your taste in music is really great, and the playlist is very well-crafted. I also think that your taste quite matches mine, and I believe you'll like some of the playlists I made,such as Now Entering the Mind, Contemplate the Cosmos and This Incredible Being. Let me know what you think!

Ahh, harmony in the world is restored. A new ArlynFoma mix to play with my mind. Damn! What a fine lead in track to kick it off with...thanks, friend!

@unheimlich93 @ArlynFoma Whaa...?!?! By what standard? My personal preference would be using Sinewave as the closing track - that's it. Now, back to chasing down a bunch of music that I should have known about years ago... Geez, how could I have missed Sinewave - he lives about 30 miles from me?!

@unheimlich93 @kahnman I had this mix kicking around for awhile but had a lot of difficulty getting a "theme" together with it. Anyway, I moved the Sinewave to the end just for you. Thanks again for the support.

@unheimlich93 @ArlynFoma Well, I'm honored! It's a shame I can't hear the mix with the new sequencing. That dang "auto-shuffle" on the 2nd play - highly annoying!