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Observing Oblivion


I thought we were making progress as a society. Now I'm uncertain what kind of oblivion we're diving into.

11 songs for observing today's unsettling current events from artists including DJ Shadow, Bonobo, Tor and others.

Photo: "Search to Fade" by Norvz Austria

11 tracks
2 comments on Observing Oblivion

@ArlynFoma My friend, where to even begin? This is such a sonic salve to my soul when I needed it most. The selection and sequencing is flawless! Yes, the 8tracks landscape has changed and my own passions have shifted to photography this past year (jacksonfaulknernet on instagram) but your mixes rejuvenate me and just may cause me to spin out a mix or two in some spare time. Just know that your creativity and effort is much appreciated. I view your mixes like rare jewels to be appreciated when they become unearthed...

@kahnman Thanks for the kind words. I've pretty much lost the drive/incentive to make more mixes. I just have so many more commitments between family and work that I don't have much time to listen to new music. I have a few concepts with a few songs strung together but not enough for a publishable set. I also lament the loss of community, especially international, that 8tracks once had that made this site something special. I hope someday there will be some kind of rebirth but it looks like the financial side of things won't let that happen. I did check out your pictures and you have some amazing stuff. Best of luck to you in your photographic endeavors!

@redbatrecords Thanks for your support. I had this mix kicking around for awhile. However, I kind of soured on 8tracks with all the negative changes that have happened and kept delaying publishing it. Glad to see you're still around. I'll have to check out some of your newer mixes when I get a chance.