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Philosophical Chill


"So then as you question this basic assumption that underlies our culture, you find you get a new kind of common sense. It becomes absolutely obvious to you that you are continuous with the universe.” - Alan Watts

9 contemplative songs with words from illuminating minds including Alan Watts, Terence Mckenna and Carl Sagan. The songs I picked have an ambient/downtempo vibe from artists like N U A G E S, Man Of No Ego and Carbon Based Lifeforms. I stayed away from the bombastic, Hans Zimmer-like soundtrack music or the motivational, piano-based new agey stuff that's plastered all over Youtube.

Photo: "La rupture" by Gilbert Garcin

9 tracks
2 comments on Philosophical Chill

I've been playing a rain ambiance alongside this, and my goodness I'm so glad you made such an amazing playlist to accompany my stressful studying during finals. this is absolutely lovely.

@daypup Glad you liked it! I'll have to try listening with a rain background... could be a real surreal experience. Good luck with your finals.

Fascinating mix! I strongly agree with the CBL / Frog interconnection to nature theme...and strongly agree with NO Zimmer new agey stuff, ;^)

@kahnman Thank you for listening. Funny that I think that "Frog" is probably the most new-agey track I have on this mix. It's such a great song though that I could not use it when I found this version.